We all were waiting for it and now it’s ready!

Our Krakow team has moved to our brand new headquarter! We are expanding not just our client base and our team, but also our local presence and Amsterdam Standard branding.

The new office is located in a hot-spot of Krakow - the crossroad of Monte Cassino and Marii Konopnickiej street. The new-build modern office has a view on a Vistula river, Wawel castle, and the Kazimierz district - the main attractions of Krakow! The office is located on the main road to the universities to attract the best talents of Poland to join the Amsterdam Standard team. And it is just in front of the huge modern conference & event center “ICE” where all the main events including IT congresses and conferences happen!

The building

After working closely with our architects and building crew for almost 14 months the construction of the building was ready in June 2019. We have celebrated our official opening on 5th July. The office looks stylish from in and outside. Most of the building walls are made from glass which creates an even spacier feeling and the abundance of natural daylight is very much appreciated by our developers - it is great for staying in focus.

Our office

Our office spaces are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. We have a creative & comfortable workspace for innovation, meetings, experience exchange and growth spread over 1.100 square meters. We have gathered all our experiences of the past years and the past offices and considered the wishes of our employees and the teams in organizing their workspaces. Now we have not just open working spaces, but also separated branded team rooms dedicated to the clients. This way teams have more privacy and own space, but still, have the feeling of connection and openness to the rest of the area provided by glass walls. In addition to this, we have created 5 meeting rooms to hold sessions with clients, new hires and other members of society. 

Social space

All employees and guests have access to the social space, fully equipped with a kitchen/bar and lounge area. In our social area, we host events, providing a great opportunity for networking, coupled with an after-work home-brew beer (!) or table football matches with the Amsterdam Standard community. Ping pong table and other fun activities are on their way to come in addition to it.

Headquarters Amsterdam Standard

More importantly, the new office holds the Headquarters function, where the teams and specialists from our offices are coming to work, learn and celebrate. Together with that, we organize workshops, meetings, and events. We inspire, educate, grow and delight!


The office is very easy reachable from Krakow and surroundings by walk or any kind of transport. The bus stops just in front of the building and all the touristic attractions and the city center are in the walking distance. It takes just around 20 minutes to get to the office from the airport. There are also few hotels located just next door to the office which makes very comfortable for our clients and guests visiting the office. 


The office is built regarding the last requirements of security and comfort. Each employee has a unique card to enter the building and Amsterdam Standard’s floors. Guests can get access through the reception on the main entrance and then on the Amsterdam Standard floor. The whole space is air-conditioned. It is known to offer all kinds of services to make working life easier and more inspiring, such as superfast wi-fi, fresh coffee, flex, fixed, team and standing desks, presentation screens, boards, etc.


Interior of the office got our special attention. The idea was to create a cozy creative working space where many developers and other specialists can find their second home. And the idea perfectly worked out! Modern, minimalistic design, ergonomically furnished work areas with state-of-the-art furniture pieces and objects from Vank, a lot of greens for fresh air and cozy atmosphere create inspiring environments that stimulate creativity and motivation to act.


Our new office has a friendly welcoming vibe for all our specialists and the guests. Vast space creates the opportunity to grow our Krakow team from 50 to around 80 people. We are more than ever ready to welcome our existing and potential clients and host events. 

We kindly invite you to visit us soon, we would be delighted to show you around!


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