We had a pleasure to welcome in the Amsterdam office one of our dedicated software developers from Rzeszow office Roza Szylar. It’s a great opportunity to get to know her more, as she is one of not so many female Ruby on Rails developers. To say more, she is the only girl in our Rzeszow office.

Roza started to work in Amsterdam Standard in May 2017. She did her studies at the Rzeszow University of Technology where she got a Master Degree in Computer Science. She got to Amsterdam Standard being an experienced professional, as she did an internship during the studies and was hired at the same company after the stage period.

Ruby on Rails developer

- Roza, it’s interesting to know, how did you choose to be a developer?

When I was a child I was thinking to become a veterinarian. With time passed I realized it’s not that pleasant job for me as it looked at that age. During high school, I enjoyed making websites. In that time I did it for my anime hobby. It was basic development in HTML and CSS, but in spite of this, discussion forum website became popular. Because of this dedication when the time came to choose a direction for the studies I have chosen to follow Computer Science.

- Do you still follow some studies and courses or just keep learning from your work?

Yes, my job requires permanent studying and knowledge update. While studying at the university and at the beginning of my work journey I spent more time on self-studies. Now I also keep up: I’m a regular member of RRUG (Rzeszów Ruby User Group) and sometimes I participate in organizing them.

- I have heard that you have organized Rails Girls Rzeszów as well?

Yes, the idea of such a community came from Finland and started to spread worldwide. As I wished the number of girls in our industry to increase and this community wasn't organized in Rzeszow yet, I took the initiative. We had 2 events with 18 and 30 members. Not a bad result for the beginning of Rails girls ;)

- Sure, sounds inspiring! Where did you learn English?

I started to learn it at school and then it rolled up with watching movies, working and traveling.

- So you like traveling, right? What were your last destinations?

Yes, I can say it’s my main hobby nowadays which I spend the most time and budget on. I had a trip to Tenerife, a sweet escape from cold winter in Poland. I was just recently back from Iceland and came to Amsterdam to visit some clients and work from the Amsterdam office. It's always nice to change the atmosphere and get a new experience.

- What are your plans and wishes for the future?

I’m happy how everything is now. I keep going and I will see what it will bring.


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