Some companies find it challenging to hire even an individual developer. How is it possible to hire a development team? The best solution to hire a development team for your project is a dedicated development team model. This model enables you to have your own team of developers and software engineers, carefully chosen for you to fit your requirements to the skill set for the period you need it. And, above that, hiring the dedicated team is cost-saving compared to hiring in-house developers.

What is a dedicated development team?

The dedicated development team is a team of software developers that are employed for your project/company from the other company (for example, Amsterdam Standard). In most cases, it is a remote team dedicated to your project/company. Dedicated means that the team is working full-time just for one client and reports directly to the client. The client’s role in this model is hands-on. The clients actively interact with the team members, monitor daily activities, and overall development progresses of the project. It can be done directly, via management, or the combination of both. Project Manager is a valuable addition to the team to improve the project management process and communication. The process of continuous communication and interaction helps both parties to be updated and adapt to the changing environment when necessary.

The company providing dedicated software teams (outsourcing or nearshore development company) is responsible for all the administrative tasks regarding the developers. It’s responsible for their contract, salary, place of work, insurance, holiday allowance, and so on. And also, it takes care of a pleasant working environment and learning opportunities. Your task as a client is just to provide an exciting, challenging project for your team members to work on!

If the client company has its in-house development team, then the software development team is the extension of their existing team. Teams can work on the project together or working on the different parts of the project. The communication is held actively through digital channels or with frequent business meetings in both office locations.

The dedicated team model is a wonderful solution for the long- term projects with very dynamic requirements in terms of the scope, short-term projects, or when the existing software development team lacks specialists in certain areas.

Advantages of dedicated software teams

There are a few undoubted advantages of hiring the dedicated team:

It saves you time and energy

The development team can be employed within hours or days. You are not wasting your time and money on posting the job advertisement and going through many rounds of interviews with several candidates. The best developers are chosen for you by the company from their in-house talent pools in short-terms.

It is cost-efficient

It is cheaper to choose a dedicated team than gather a team on your own. Firstly because of the costs we mentioned in paragraph 1 — the costs connected with the recruitment process. And second, the companies providing this solution are usually nearshore or offshore businesses. The hourly wages in the countries where they execute their services are lower.

Hire a dedicated development team

It improves the quality of your product

There are two reasons for such an improvement in our point of view. The first one is that you are hiring a high-quality development team, which you can’t find in your area, or at least for that budget that you have. Read more about the specialists’ shortage in the Netherlands in our Whitepaper. The second reason that together with software developers, you can select specialists as project managers or product owners that will help your company improve the workflow of the project and provide continuous delivery. As a result, it enhances the speed and quality of the end web product.

Easier adjustments

The hiring of the development team makes it possible to scale up or scale down your team during the duration of the project. The size of your team should not be set in stone. Our dedicated teams are working with Agile principles. This approach gives you more flexibility in project management and control. It improves both product quality and project timeframes, increases transparency and communication, and reduces overall risks.

How to hire dedicated software developers Amsterdam

We believe that the process of building a dedicated team looks quite similar in different companies. And to give you full and correct information we will describe this process in the example of our company. Hiring the team for your project consists of 6 simple steps.

1.Your needs

First, we try to get a good understanding of your needs for software development. When you have an existing codebase and product, the first step is to plan a Technical Discovery call. In this call — after signing an NDA — you can freely show us what kind of stack you have, what type of development and project management process you use, and we can discuss your roadmap. In this step, we can think with you, and after getting a clear picture of your goals and needs, we can introduce the developer with the right skills or the whole team to you.

2. Introduction

Video call as introduction

The introduction process always starts with a call with the selected (senior) developer. Again we go over your needs, and we identify if there is a mutual click between you and the developer. Without that, we continue our search through our in-house developers.

3. Let’s meet

Once we have this match, we sign the contracts and usually start a trial period of +- 10 weeks. In the first week of that period, the developer (or team) and the project manager will come to the Netherlands and will work in your office. After 4 or 5 weeks we expect our clients to visit the team in one of our Polish offices. Building a good understanding of your product and business and gaining mutual trust is crucial for successful cooperation. That’s why we stimulate our teams to visit their clients every 3 months in their Dutch offices. And we ask our clients to send their Product Owner, Scrum Master, or technical team (lead) also 3 or 4 times minimum per year to Poland. This way, we create 6–7 moments per year, where the whole team can work together. Those moments are typically used for longer retrospectives, hackathons, brainstorming, planning, and of course: fun and bonding! Our remote teams are the most effective when they feel part of your company.

4. Clear arrangements

Clear arrangements before the project

Before the day-to-day work starts, we make apparent arrangements about the project management and communication expectations. We set up the daily video-calls in your schedule, plan the demo’s, planning, and evaluation. Jira or another ticket system will be configured, and the repositories will be shared. When everything is set up, you have full insight in all daily operations.

5. We help you out more

Once the process is up and running, and you get a feeling that you have a grip on the new situation, we will discuss your further needs and see where we as Amsterdam Standard can help you out more. Our additional UX, DevOps, PM training, or frontend services might be interesting for you. Or we can discuss scaling up your backend or app development team even further. Our office in Amsterdam is in close contact with you during the whole process.

6. We take care

Amsterdam Standard fully manages the developer or team. We also provide custom software development or app development. Our clients provide tasks. We do the rest. That means we take care of the full HR process. We accommodate excellent offices, a good laptop, medical insurance, training budgets, English lessons, knowledge sharing sessions during our Pizza-Fridays, travel arrangements to the Netherlands, accommodation in our apartments in Amsterdam, office-brewed beer and of course twice a year our famous parties :) We really do our utmost to provide the best possible work environment. Still, nothing is more important than a challenging, technically interesting, and well-managed project to work: that is what really keeps the team motivated. So whenever we feel that something has to improve on that side, we are transparent about it and proactively approach our clients to see how we can improve the situation.


We hope that now you see that it’s possible to hire a development team in short terms. If you still need the confirmation of the success of this model, please check our Cases. And feel free to contact us with questions or to build your software development team in Amsterdam Standard.


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