Can you imagine hiring a designer who is staying with you for as many years as you need it, as experienced as you want it and you pay just for the hours of the actual work? Amazing advantages, right?! But actually it’s possible and we name it Design Partner!


Design Partner means a company which provides design-related services with a long-term partnership perspective and in a friendly cooperative way. The goal of the partnership is to maximize effectiveness for your business and pleasure of working together for both sides.

Services, provided by us as your design partner, involve, but not limited to the investigation of the current product situation by data and insights of current users, creating user stories and user journeys, research for the best design solutions, creating user flows and wireframes as stages of full user experience design, visual design, making interactive product prototypes, testing and delivering the best solutions. It includes onboarding meetings with your team, being part of your team working from your office, organizing meetings and interviews, managing the project, being a product owner, coaching the team and introducing the agile approach to design. All these functions or some of them can be performed by us for your company.

When considering hiring an additional or your first UX designer or product owner keep in mind these 10 advantages of hiring design partner instead of in-house specialist:

We will never leave you for the other company

In-house specialists are coming and going away. You just get to use to work with one person, but the other day he/she is leaving and you need to find and adjust to a new one. Your Design Partner is staying with you for as long as you want and it doesn’t change its style and way of working with you until you request the change.

You should not pay our hours if there is no work

You hire an in-house worker for a defined amount of hours and pay for these hours whatever there was enough work to do or not. With a Design Partner, you are paying just for the time of the actual working process. It definitely helps to save your costs!

We don’t have holidays, so we are always available for you

All people need holidays and your specialists could have taken days off when, in fact, you need them the most. Especially if you are a small business and your team is not that big and diverse you feel the lack of certain specialists. Design Partner as a company doesn’t have vacations. We are always here for you and ready to go!

The price of our services doesn’t rise regarding the years of collaboration

In-house specialists expect the rise in salary regarding the years of working in the company. No matter if you have just started to work with a design partner or it’s already many years of collaboration - the price of services wouldn’t depend on it.

We have many years of experience

Design Partner is a team of specialists with diverse experience levels. Regarding the task which needs to be performed certain specialist or team will be boarded for it. For the project management tasks and lead design tasks, specialists with the senior experience level will be chosen.

Easily scale up and scale down your team

In a period of deadlines or temporary projects, you feel the need to scale up your team. Hiring an in-house worker doesn’t seem rational in this case. Working with the Design Partner is a better solution, it gives you flexibility in scaling up and scaling down your team when it’s necessary.  

We work as a team

That’s right! Members of the design partner company are in close collaboration not just with each other in the design team, but also with the other departments as software development, project management, marketing, etc. and also with the teams and specialists on the client-side.

Each of us has its own specialization

Design is very diverse specialization. It’s hard to cover all design and close-related needs just with one specialist to get the best results. Specialists of the design partner company have each own specialization and focus with a deeper knowledge and experience in a certain area. All together we are fulfilling the design in its broad sense.

You can read our happy clients’ reviews

Being a company with solid years of experience there are some real cases to watch and clients’ reviews to read to get the sense of what and how we are doing to make your partnership decision easier.

We all speak Dutch

Is Dutch an important skill considering a hire in your company or your corporate language is English? Don’t worry, all our specialists are fluent in both languages - Dutch and English.

Saying We in this article I mean Amsterdam Standard design partner. Based in Amsterdam we are helping Dutch and international scale-ups, start-ups and other businesses in UX & UI design and design-related services.


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