Whether you're launching a start-up or working on further growth of your scale-up, you require developers to work on your product. And quite often you need specialists or the whole team fast. The thing is, experienced specialists are hard to find and, above that, expensive. IT-recruiters often demand very high fees, the average salary in Western Europe for experienced developers is rather high. And last but not least: you will have to spend time on conducting interviews and arranging administration. The solution to your struggle is hiring nearshore developers. 

Hiring nearshore developers? 

While companies can benefit from hiring dedicated nearshore programmers in many different cases, we would like to highlight a few, when this option is a best-fit.

Your business is based in the region with high local digital development rates.

You need to pay at least 100 euros per hour for a software developer based in the Netherlands while an expert with the same skills from Eastern Europe will cost you around 40 euros per hour. For example, developers in Poland have a high level of education, solid experience, and proficiency in English. Through the IT nearshoring company, you can hire individual developers or the whole dedicated nearshore team. Hiring dedicated programmers is a good idea to save money while keeping control of the software development process.

Inability to find developers fast

When you need a developer or team here and now, you don’t have time for the hiring process - posting the position, advertising it, selecting the best suitable CVs, and interviewing selected candidates. While you are going through this process, some candidates are already hired to another company, and you need to start everything from scratch? Hiring dedicated developers through an IT Nearshoring company saves your time, energy and money. Nearshoring companies take care of the full HR process and all the administration and the developer’s well-being through the whole contract duration. 

You can’t find an expert with proper skills and experience in your area.

Skilled developers are scarce. Hard to find and often hard to afford. For that reason, a nearshore dedicated development team is the right choice for many growing tech companies, to build or extend their development force. Assign the searching task to a reliable IT nearshore provider and get a valuable employee in a short time. That works both for high-demanded areas and specific expert niches. The best developers are chosen for you by the company providing nearshore services from their in-house specialists. Dedicated nearshore developers with the necessary skills will start to work on your project in a short time.

Hiring nearshore developers

You need to redouble efforts during a specific period. 

All the projects have deadlines. Sometimes you need extra development muscle to finish the project on time. Hiring in-house specialists isn’t the best choice in this case, as you probably won’t have tasks for them afterwards. A great solution is to ramp up resources with the remote development team. Nearshore teams are an excellent option to help you scale on-demand in case of technical staff shortages.

You’ve got an idea, and you need a development team to realise it.

Your idea needs proof of concept. When you build your company from the ground up, it can be tricky to immediately hire in-house developers. A nearshore team can help you to build an MVP (minimal valuable product) to prove your concept. If your idea works and you are satisfied with your nearshore team, you can continue product development with them. Otherwise, you can consider hiring local developers in the later stages of your business development.

You decided to create an additional digital product 

You have an in-house development team, but in addition to your main product or service, you decided to create a new product or feature. You can refocus some of your developers for this new project. But there is a risk of harm to the project they are currently working on. Rather than stressing your existing resources, which are set up to support the current services and tasks, or adding resources for a pilot period, you might hire a dedicated team. This solution ensures that existing business areas continue to function without disruption. Adoption of the new area is easier as well when you dedicate experienced specialised resources to it. 

Build your dedicated nearshore team 

Hiring dedicated developers or a nearshore team solves the problem of ICT resources shortage. You can get experienced developers regarding your requirements in a short period and for a lower price than you can find in the Dutch or Western European market.

You are just a few clicks away from building your development team.

  1. Send us an email or fill out the contact form

  2. We will schedule a discovery call with you to figure out your goals and requirements

  3. Based on this information, we create a proposal for your project

  4. As soon as the proposal is agreed, we provide you nearshore development team

Instead of waiting for the right developer to pop out of nowhere locally, there is a nearshoring software development option to consider before wasting too much time, money and nerves on the recruiting process. 


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