While the idea of your digital product is necessary, the right execution of this idea is not less important. And the execution won’t be possible without the great team. The great teams need to have a magic combination of the right people, environment, and goals.

The building or hiring a strong dedicated team is a right start to set your business up for success. Teams are the foundation of a company. The great dedicated development teams get things done and deliver your digital product regarding the requirements.

A team of dedicated software developers is a team of software developers and engineers, that are put together to work on the client’s project. 

It can be challenging to build or hire great development teams. However, the majority of the best teams share certain characteristics. By paying attention to these aspects which we describe below, you are on your way to collaborate with great dedicated software developers.

A strong team enjoying work together

Main Characteristics of great dedicated software developers team

We have summarized the main characteristics that are inherent to great software developers and engineers and teams. 

9  characteristics of great dedicated software developers:

  • Professionalism in software development
  • Regular & Clear Communicators (with team and stakeholders)
  • Commitment to the Goal 
  • Clear roles & responsibilities 
  • A cross-functional and balanced team
  • Understanding the business logic of the digital product
  • Agile approach
  • Freedom & Flexibility
  • A strong culture

Let's review each of these characteristics in more detail. 

1. Professionalism

Obviously, the development team should have excellent programming skills. The dedicated developers should have a certain level of proficiency in related technologies.  

Also, Great teams of dedicated software developers understand the importance of innovation and spend time on it. The team members are good at keeping up with technology trends and know how to use that in a pragmatic way to improve their performance. They know it’s necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing environment. This is a necessary element to make custom software or application development successful. 

2. Regular & Clear Communicators

We think that communication is the key to make any team function well. There are two types of communication that are crucial for dedicated teams: communication inside the team and communication with third parties (stakeholders).

- Within the team 

Encouraging healthy communication in teams induces effective processes, tools, and solutions. It’s best for the team to get together when it’s possible and work together on dedicated software development. With the rise of information technology working together is possible even without being actually in one location. Use the necessary tools like Slack, Whereby, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and so on. 

 - With stakeholders

Communication is the key to a successful partnership between parties. With the help of it, we are building our relationship, setting goals, reviewing the process, discussing new opportunities, choosing the best tools, and so much more. Mainly, the product owner is the main person that keeps communication with a dedicated team. Make sure the communication is regular (frequency depends on the needs) and clear (there are no secrets, opinions can be shared freely, and all the information is precise for the opponent). Don't hide things and share accurate information from the start.

3. Commitment to the Goal 

To set clear and achievable goals is critical for any team. Before making long and short-term plans and giving the tasks to the team, ensure that everyone knows what are they aiming for at the end of the project. The team should believe in what they do, and it’s your responsibility as a business owner or a product owner or other responsible person from the business side, to get the team inspired. That’s how you build a software development team you can rely on, and an effective team you’re confident about.

4. Clear roles & responsibilities 

In order to function properly, the team needs to know all the aspects of the process, together with their duties, and responsibilities. It’s key to building a healthy team for custom software development.
The members of the team should also understand how their roles and responsibilities related to the goals of the project.
Everyone on your team has to be committed. Ensuring that all members share in rewards for success is another key in a good team. It gives the team members a sense of responsibility and enjoyment of their work. Your team will feel a lot better about their work and work even harder for the goal. 

5. A cross-functional and balanced team

A cross-functional team is a team that, as a whole, covers all the necessary skills to create the required digital product or complete the project. 

Great dedicated software development teams not only have a cross-functional composition but also really act cross-functional. The team is focused to deliver a releasable product each sprint as a team. That’s why everyone is doing their utmost to achieve the sprint goal.

cross-functional team concentrated on a goal

The balance is the key. In bigger teams, specialists should have diverse experience levels to make the work of specialists more exciting and, at the same time, decrease the costs for the company. And specialists of different specializations to avoid the slowing down of the development process, as lack of specialists in one technology may cause the delay for the rest of the team. In cross-functional teams, members are good at understanding how they can help each other and how they can get help from the other members of the team.

6. Understanding the business logic of the digital product

Great software developers know their real customers. They create the product keeping the end-users in mind. Through the communication with the product owner or/and stakeholders, they truly understand what are the desires of the end-users and are therefore able to make the right (technical) decisions.

7. Agile approach

Things change during a project, especially, during a technology project. But if you work with an Agile approach to software development, you can easily adapt to change. 

Try to minimize the impact the change has on the project and then handle it responsibly. The agile approach to software development accelerates the speed of project delivery, improves the quality of the digital product, reduces risks, increases customer satisfaction, assures delivery with the business objective, and decreases the IT costs. There is much more success chance when the team works with Agile frameworks. 

8. Freedom & Flexibility

Each team member should be free to find solutions for emerging problems or tasks on his own and/or have the opportunity to give advice on decisions that are choices of the whole team. In a great team, team members have the flexibility to choose tools, and technology stack there are working with. When they are goal-oriented and inspired they try to come to the best possible solution. Having product managers not be too rigid in their specifications also delivers better code and makes for happier developers. A certain degree of freedom for developers to experiment helps them to build their internal process and culture.

Great Development Teams also have the flexibility in planning their work schedule. Human beings can’t stay productive all day long. They need time to relax, have a chat at the coffee machine, or play some ping pong. All people need some slack to be innovative and creative. By doing so, they ensure high motivation and hereby maximum productivity when it’s specifically needed. 

flexibility and freedom for the development team

9. A strong culture

A strong culture is another common characteristic of great developers and teams. They bind closer together and it makes them more effective as a group. It also makes coming to work more fun and boosts morale as a result.

Great team culture is not something you can force, it’s more the natural result of the all described above characteristics; it develops over time in the right environment. 

Build your team of dedicated software developers

We hope that these characteristics will help you to hire or build a great dedicated software developers team. There are many other different factors to look at, from how to choose the software development company to the individual parameters related to your field of business, but this article is a good start to your research. If you are searching for the great dedicated development team, Amsterdam Standard is happy to provide you the team you are looking for. 


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