Have you searched for the developers in your country but haven’t found a good fit for your business needs? You are not alone. There is a shortage of IT specialists in many West European countries. If you aim to get experienced specialists, to lower the development costs, and to make the working process smooth and easy - Poland is the right choice for you. 

More and more companies in Western Europe and beyond are choosing to hire dedicated software developers in Poland.

Why hire dedicated software developers in Poland?

1. Polish developers are one of the best programmers in the world

According to the data collected by Stack Overflow, the number of programmers in the CEE region is 1 million people. One-quarter of them (250,000) live and work in Poland. Polish developers are known for their proficiency in general technical knowledge. The highest quality of computer science graduates influences code quality. Polish people know their craft well, and they are ambitious to improve.

best programmers in the world in Poland

Polish IT professionals get the highest ranks in international programming contests like Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, or the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC) every year! In Poland, there are several dynamically developing IT centers, which makes this country additionally attractive. The next largest center for programmers, after Warsaw (over 74 thousand programmers), is Kraków (32.5 thousand) and Wrocław (24.3 thousand).

There are a lot of professional, experienced developers in Poland that are specialized in different areas. You can find specialists to support you with varying objections at various stages of your product development process. Our dedicated nearshore teams can help you with the whole product design and web app development process – from UX design, through the early prototype, MVP, to maintaining a fully-featured product.

2. English skills

Poland is ranked 11th globally and 9th in Europe for English skills in the EF English Proficiency Index 2019.

The Polish education system emphasizes learning English, from primary school until university, so graduates are well prepared to work for international companies. Fluent English is a standard among Polish graduates and employees, placing them high in the English-driven tech world.

All our developers speak English fluently, and they are continuously improving their knowledge with weekly English lessons provided by our company. 

3. A strong educational background

Polish developers owe their relevance in the marketplace to the Polish education system. Education has been a national goal of Polish leaders for centuries. The first university was founded in the XIV century, starting a long tradition of professional and high-quality tertiary education. Full-time studies at state institutions are free of charge for Polish citizens. That gives each person in Poland an equal opportunity to get high education and to reach success in life. There are optional evening or weekend education for students to get good work experience while studying and earning their own money.  

Strong educational background of software developers in Poland

According to the NYTimes, 39% of Poland’s citizens aged 25 – 34 have university degrees. Around 211,000 students graduate from its nationwide network of 427 centers of higher education every year. 

Poland is on the 23rd place on a list of “2020 Best Countries for Education”. This ranking is based on a perception-based global survey, which used a compilation of scores from three equally weighted country attributes: a well-developed public education system, would consider attending university there, and provide top-quality education.

4. Using modern cutting edge technologies

Developers and software development companies in Poland are using the latest tools and technologies. Our software developers and other specialists are aware of the latest changes and updates in the technology field. They are always keeping an eye on the new versions of stack and tools. Teams have a dedicated time for the technology check in every sprint to keep applications updated. 

5. Smart and efficient workflow

An agile approach to software development has become popular in the software development community. Polish developers are choosing an efficient workflow based on Agile principles and frameworks. Agile software development improves the end product’s speed and quality and allows business owners and product owners to concentrate on generating new ideas.

Amsterdam Standard is not just providing software development services and extending the IT teams; we also help clients with managing the project development process.  

With this approach, we can improve the workflow. As an example, we automated some repetitive actions for one of our clients. This automatization saved a lot of time for specialists in their daily work. 

6. Aiming for improvement

Even being experienced specialists, Polish software developers don't stop learning and improving. They participate in workshops, read general programming materials, and hold volunteering projects on the side of the main work. 

They dedicate time to check up for the recent technology trends. Besides the self-development aspect, their aim for improvement also directly impacts the quality of the products they build. The digital products are more future-proof, and the process of development gets safer, faster, and more efficient with each update.

The variety of projects our dedicated software developers are working on allows them always to learn something new and gives the possibility to widen their technology pool. 

7. The lack of a cultural gap

Another significant benefit is the cultural aspect. Polish people are Eastern Europeans with the Western mindset and values so that you can expect smooth communication and a good understanding of the development team.  

8. No time difference and location

One of the most tangible benefits of the nearshore business model for software development, as opposed to offshore, is the time zone. There is no time difference between Poland and the Netherlands. Working in the same time zones leads to a more stable and productive workforce and, as a result of it - an expansion of work volume. Also, traveling between locations is far more simple and common under the nearshore model. There are several flights a day available from the Netherlands to Poland, with the trip’s duration around 2 hours. 

Easy travel to Poland

The same time zone with Poland makes online communication easy and effective. Zoom, Slack, and Hangouts are standard tools for most software houses, and, thanks to their mentality, Polish specialists prefer to keep the response time short.

9. Ecosystem and digital infrastructure

Poland is the 6th largest economy among European Union members, with around 39 million people. Poland has become a world-class technology and business services hub. According to the “The rise of Digital Challengers; Perspective on Poland” issued by McKinsey & Company in Poland, the potential economic and developmental benefits of digitization can reach up to €64 billion in the additional gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025. This would lead to increased global competitiveness and prosperity for the country’s 38 million people and allow Poland to join the most digitally advanced economies in Europe.

The country’s IT infrastructure is mature and supports the expanding tech ecosystem. Poland has a good quality of internet connection won’t bother with any slow down in speed or communication interruptions. Every large city offers access to incubators and accelerators that encourage developers to experiment with innovative technologies. 

Good digital infrastructure and business-oriented approach of Polish software developers

10. Business-oriented approach

The biggest challenge of working on software development projects for many experienced developers is understanding the business logic of the digital product or application. Many software companies are capable of building a product based on your detailed guidelines. What these companies lack, however, is a more sophisticated approach to software development that would also include business and user experience perspectives and a deeper understanding of business processes and logic in a certain branch of business or company.

That’s where Polish software houses and, for example, Amsterdam Standard, have an advantage. Instead of straight away jumping to coding, we begin with a good understanding of your needs. When you have an existing codebase and product, the first step is to plan a Technical Discovery call. In this call - after signing an NDA - you can freely show us what kind of stack you have, what type of development process, and the project management process you use, and we can discuss your roadmap. In this step, we can think with you and, after getting a clear picture of your goals and needs, we can introduce the right developer, team, or solution to you.

11. They have high-security standards that fulfill the EU standards

When it comes to the protection of privacy and personal data, Poland has followed the EU standards and laws for many years and, in addition to the entry into force of the Polish Act on Personal Data Protection (the Act) on 10 May 2018, the country prepared its legal framework for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a result, on 4 May 2019, the Derogation Act, which introduced changes to almost 170 Polish acts, entered into force.

That’s why you can be sure that your data will stay safe when you cooperate with a Polish staffing or software development company. 

High-security standards are crucial for projects that include sensitive data and customer information. In this scenario, security is a critical factor you need to consider when choosing your outsourcing destination. 

Apart from that, new legislation supplementing the Act on the National Cybersecurity System, which transposed the NIS Directive into the Polish legal framework, was enacted during the past year. From many perspectives, and for different reasons, privacy is currently a matter of common concern and is expected to be even more crucial in the near future.

12. Relatively low prices 

Poland has one of the lowest labor costs within the European Union. In 2019, average hourly labor costs in the Netherlands were 36,4 EUR while in Poland 10,7 EUR. The difference with other West European countries as Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France is even more significant. That difference gives companies from West European countries working with dedicated software developers in Poland a big advantage. They can get experienced specialists at lower costs.

How to hire dedicated developers in Poland

The advantages of working with nearshore software developers in Poland are clear now. The next step is to find the best way of cooperating with them. While there are multiple options available on how to hire software developers, working with a trusted nearshore company might be the smartest solution. 

Amsterdam Standard provides individual nearshore developers in various languages, dedicated nearshore development teams, and extended teams to our clients. Since 2011, we are building dedicated nearshore teams for our customers in our offices in Krakow, Rzeszow, Wroclaw, and Amsterdam. Start-ups, scale-ups, agencies, and e-commerce companies are our customers. By deciding to nearshore their (a part of their) development, they could grow again!

We believe the composition of a nearshore development team shouldn't be set in stone. By providing the flexibility to scale up your team, we can help you realize your product's full potential and make sure you stay within budget and timeframe.

Where to start

We advise you to get in contact with us and to discuss your needs. We are here to think with you and explore the opportunity of having a remote team.

Changing your organization like this is a strategic long term decision. We are always transparent about the pros and cons of this service. And we kindly invite you to visit our offices before you make a decision. We are real people that make really good software. We are here for the long term, and we never rush an onboarding process. Many companies already made this decision before you and of course, we have many references available to you when you are interested!


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