Whether you're launching a startup or working on further growth of your scaleup, you require developers to work on your product. Are you having trouble finding skilled developers? Well, you're not alone in this. The Dutch labour market for IT-professionals is very tight. Finding qualified developers for your project can be hard and besides that, expensive. IT-recruiters often demand very high fees, the average salary in the Netherlands for experienced developers is rather high, and last but not least, you will have to spend time conducting interviews and arranging administration.

In many situations, a startup or scaleup doesn’t improve by only hiring (even the most skilled) developer. Launching, or advancing a product often requires a broad plethora of skills. A lot of projects lack someone with the knowledge of navigating the team through the process of digital product development. We can help you with it. Amsterdam Standard builds dedicated nearshore teams based on your requirements and takes responsibility for the whole development cycle.

A lack of developers can leave you frustrated, afraid to lose out on your competition. You feel like you're unable to focus on growing your company. Let's be clear the growth of your company should note hindered by a lack of skilled software developers.

We believe the composition of a nearshore development team shouldn't be set in stone. Every stage of digital product development requires a different composition. By providing this kind of flexibility we can help you realize your product's full potential and make sure you stay within budget and timeframe.

A partner for nearshore software development teams

We provide individual nearshore software developers in a variety of languages, nearshore development teams, and extended teams to our clients. Since 2011, we are building dedicated nearshore teams for our customers in our offices in Krakow, Rzeszow, Wroclaw, and Amsterdam. Start-ups, scale-ups, agencies, and e-commerce companies are our customers. By making a decision to nearshore their (a part of their) software or app development, they were able to grow again! Business owners of companies of all sizes and branches choose Amsterdam Standard’s services for their projects. We provide individual developers in a variety of languages, development teams, and extended teams to our clients.

Individual experts

Fully autonomous teams

Cross-functional teams

How it works

Amsterdam Standard builds dedicated nearshore development teams based on your requirements. We take care of the whole process. Often it works like this:


Your needs

First, we try to get a good understanding of your needs. When you have an existing codebase and product the first step is to plan a Technical Discovery call. In this call - after signing an NDA - you can freely show us what kind of stack you have, what kind of development process, and project management process you use and we can discuss your roadmap. In this step, we can think with you and after getting a clear picture of your goals and needs we can introduce the right developer or team to you.



The introduction process always starts with a call with the selected (senior) developer. Again we go over your needs and we identify if there is a mutual click between you and the developer. Without that, or when the communication skills are lacking we continue our search.


Let's meet

Once we have this match we sign the contracts and usually start a trial period of +- 10 weeks. In the first week of that period the developer (or team) will come to the Netherlands and will work in your office. After 4 or 5 weeks we expect our clients to visit the team in one of our Polish offices. Building a good understanding of your product and business and gaining mutual trust is crucial for successful cooperation. That's why we stimulate our teams to visit their clients every 3 months in their Dutch offices. And we ask our clients to send their Product Owner, Scrum Master or technical team (lead) also 3 or 4 times minimum per year to Poland. This way we create 6-7 moments per year where the whole team can work together. Those moments are normally used for longer retrospectives, hackathons, brainstorming, planning and of course: fun and bonding! Our remote teams are the most effective when they really feel part of your company.


Clear arrangements

Before the day-to-day work starts we make really clear arrangements about the project management and communication expectations. We set up the daily video-calls in your agenda, plan the demo’s, plannings and evaluation. Jira or another ticket system will be configured and the repositories will be shared. When everything is set up you have full insight in all daily operations.


We help you out more

Once the process is up and running and you get a feeling that you have a grip on the new situation we will discuss your further needs and see where we as Amsterdam Standard can help you out more. Our additional UX, DevOps, PM training or frontend services might be interesting for you. Or we can discuss scaling up your backend team even further. Our office in Amsterdam is in close contact with you during the whole process.


We take care

Amsterdam Standard fully manages the individual developer. Our clients provide tasks. We do the rest. That means we take care of the full HR process. We accommodate excellent offices, a good laptop, medical insurance, training budgets, English lessons, knowledge sharing sessions during our Pizza-Fridays, travel arrangements to the Netherlands, accommodation in our apartments in Amsterdam, office-brewed beer and of course twice a year our famous parties :) We really do our utmost to provide the best possible work environment, but nothing is more important than a challenging, technically interesting and well-managed project to work: that is what really keeps the team motivated. So whenever we feel that something has to improve on that side we are transparent about it and proactively approach our clients to see how we can improve the situation.


Nearshoring in (post) COVID-19 times

For the last few years, it has been hard to hire suitable developers in the Netherlands. Quality specialists are both expensive and hard to get. COVID-19 hasn’t changed this situation. The demand for ICT specialists is still present, especially for developers and other tech specialists who combine professional experience with unique skills and knowledge.

What you find in this whitepaper
  • Tension in the ICT labour market
  • The influence of the pandemic on the ICT market
  • How can your company adapt to the new reality
  • How can you benefit from IT Nearshoring

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With our Nearshoring teams we guarantee

Skilled and experienced developers

Don’t waste time and money on hiring a local team. We find the best suitable nearshore candidates on short notice. We also take care of all the recruiting, administrative and accounting tasks.

A product that delights users

Over 50 companies have picked Amsterdam Standard as their nearshoring partner and software development company in the last year. > 40 projects are still alive. Many of them are known as the most successful and innovative start-ups and scale-ups of the Netherlands.

High-quality code

Our specialists have a proven good reputation in digital product development. No one single piece of code is outsourced. With lower rates compared with West Europe, you have the ability to benefit from the code quality and cut your development costs.

A future-proof product

The team that we put together on your behalf can include not only highly skilled software engineers but also Project Managers, DevOps support, and UX&UI designers. The product usability will be checked from each edge for the best result.

Our cases

Smart identity system development

For SignD




third-party API integrations

Treasury and risk management cloud-based platform

For Zanders






SaaS solution for automated job advertisements

For MrWork



backend development




Dashboard as a full-service BI tool

For Mannenmedia





With a dedicated development team to higher achievements

For OnRecruit




From camera app to the SaaS platform

For GoPhoto






Innovative design tool

For Esdec






AI-course for all Dutch people

For Elephant Road





Does this sound interesting?

Then just get in contact with us, and let's discuss your needs. We are here to think with you and explore the opportunity of having a remote development team.

Changing your organization like this is a strategic long term decision. We are always transparent about the pros and cons of this service. And we kindly invite you to visit our offices before you make a decision. We are real people that make really good software. We are here for the long term and we never rush an onboarding process. Many companies already made this decision before you and of course, we have many references available to you when you are interested.

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