Dedicated nearshore teams

The completely overstrained labor market forces companies to look for alternative solutions. We build dedicated development teams for our customers in our offices in Krakow, Rzeszow, and Wroclaw. Start-ups, scale-ups, agencies and e-commerce companies are our customers. By making a decision to nearshore their development (partly), they were able to grow again!

UX & UI Interface design

Design is in our DNA. Good design often leads to more users, higher conversions and higher retention. A user's online behavior pattern is particularly complex. We are the experts who can help your business grow further. Our team of UX and UI designers is among the absolute top in the Netherlands and creates modern, clean and creative user interfaces.

Agile software development

Building - well-designed - robust software has been our core business since 2003. Agile development improves product quality, shortens lead times and increases transparency and communication between the customer and the development team. We develop in Python, PHP, .NET, Ruby and Java and use state-of-the-art front-end technologies. Almost 90 technical specialists are ready to help you!


There is more...

Technical Due Diligence Service

We can help to conduct a technical investigation for Venture Capital and Private Equity funds. Our objective judgment helps our customers make a responsible investment without unpleasant and costly surprises afterward.

AWS and Azure Cloud architecture

We are specialists in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure (Microsoft) stack. We help companies move their infrastructure to the cloud. We provide useful services that support DevOps processes and build stable platforms.

Security & Penetration Testing

The AVG recommends privacy-sensitive applications and critical infrastructure to be periodically assessed for security risks. We offer our customers a periodic service of penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

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