There is a huge demand for developers in The Netherlands and Western Europe. Companies are starting to search for IT specialists abroad. There are a lot of programmers all around the world, but not all of them are a good fit for your company or project. There can be geographical and cultural issues. Or they are simply not as experienced as you wish them to be. But working with Poland seems to be a good fit for many fast-growing start-ups and scale-up. In this article, we describe what makes software development companies in Poland so special for companies in the Netherlands.

Why hire developers in Poland?

Facts about developers in Poland

While in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe there are one million software developers, one-quarter of them live and work in Poland, which makes the country the biggest IT player in the region.

Developer population in Central and Eastern Europe

Poland is a very attractive country for IT recruiting because of economic, cultural, educational, English language proficiency, and IT knowledge/ experience reasons.


Poland is the 6th largest economy among European Union members with a population of around 39 million people. Poland has become a world-class technology and business services hub. According to the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Poland is the 22nd most innovative economy in the world!– just two spots behind Canada, four spots behind the UK, and ahead of economies such as Spain and Hong Kong. And Poland was in 21st place at the end of 2018. For 23 years Poland is uninterruptedly growing- including during the 2008-09 global financial crisis when Poland was the only EU economy not to sink into a recession.

EU membership has provided Poland access to funds boosting the economy, helping to fight unemployment, and improve its infrastructure. So one of the main benefits of working with Poland is economic and political stability.


Another important benefit of nearshoring in Poland is the cultural aspect. Poles are Eastern Europeans with the Western mindset and values, so you can expect smooth communication and good understanding with the development team.  There is no time difference between Poland and The Netherlands. Poland has a good digital infrastructure. Quality of internet connection won’t bother with any slow down in speed or communication interruptions.


Polish software developers owe their relevance in the marketplace to the Polish education system. Education has been a national goal of Polish leaders for centuries. The first university was founded in the 14th century, starting a long tradition of professional and high-quality tertiary education. Full-time studies at state institutions are free of charge for Polish citizens. That gives each person in Poland an equal opportunity to get high education and to reach success in life. There are optional evening or weekend education available for students to get valid work experience while studying and to earn their own money.  

According to the NYTimes, 39% of citizens in Poland aged 25 – 34 have university degrees. Around 211,000 students graduate from its nationwide network of 427 centers of higher education every year. 

Poland is on the 22nd place on a list of “The 2019 Best Countries for Education”. This ranking based on a perception-based global survey, which used a compilation of scores from three equally weighted country attributes: well-developed public education system, would consider attending university there and provides top-quality education.

One of the highest places among technology universities has Warsaw University of Technology which ranked 19th among universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. The universities that produce most IT professionals also include Gdansk University of Technology, Jagiellonian University, the University of Silesia in Katowice, etc.


The highest quality of computer science graduates definitely has an influence on code quality. Polish people know their craft well and they are ambitious to improve.

IT business is mostly focused in Warsaw - the capital city, followed by Kraków and Wrocław.

Developer population in Polish cities

Polish developers are known for their proficiency in general technical knowledge. Polish IT professionals get the highest ranks in international programming contests like Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, or the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC) every year!

The developers and software development companies in Poland are using the latest tools and technologies. They dedicate time to check up for the recent technical trends, the developers are forced to constantly learn and improve their work. Besides the self-development aspect, it also has a direct impact on the products they build. The digital products are more future-proof and the process of development gets safer, faster, and more efficient with each update.

There are a lot of professional experienced developers in Poland that are specialized in different areas. You can find specialists to support you with different objections at different stages of your product development process. They can support you with the whole process of product design and web app development – from UX design, through the early prototype, MVP, to maintaining a fully-featured product.

Moreover, with a wide choice of services available there, you can choose the way to work. Outsource software development depending on your current needs – build a new team, scale up your existing team, hire as a "white-label" solution, or order a software development project. 

Poland signed the EU Declaration of cooperation on Artificial Intelligence in April 2018. Poland has since established several initiatives related to data and AI. For example, the Polish Ministry of Digitization and the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology launched the Artificial Intelligence Development Policy in Poland for 2019–2027. While It is not a national strategy, it is intended to be a pathway towards that.

English Knowledge

Poland was ranked 13th in the world for English skills in the EF English Proficiency Index 2018, getting ahead of most European countries.

Countries' ranking based on English language proficiency

The Polish education system emphasizes learning English, from primary school until university, so graduates are well prepared to work for international companies. Fluent English is a standard among Polish graduates and employees, placing them high in the English-driven tech world.

Ranking of Poland on English skills

English knowledge by the city

English knowledge by a city

Poland has one of the lowest labor costs within the European Union. That makes companies working with Polish developers get a quality product with lower costs.


The high quality of Polish IT services combined with excellent communication skills and economic factors are the driving forces that make Poland one of the top IT destinations in the world.

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