Leading SaaS development companies GlobalOrange and Amsterdam Standard officially announce their merger. Together, they will primarily focus on the development of successful SaaS products. Employing 165 experts, spread over five offices in the Netherlands and Poland, GlobalOrange and Amsterdam Standard combine the power and flexibility of remote development teams with the advantages of local project management, UX design, software architecture, and machine learning expertise.  

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Amsterdam Standard has a track record of 16 years in developing high-quality software for fast-growing technology companies in the Netherlands. In a labor market where development talent is scarce, Amsterdam Standard has been delivering top-notch development power for years. Currently, the company delivers teams for more than 35 Dutch clients, such as Vandebron, MrWork, Hypotheekbond, and Tiqets. 

For almost fifteen years, GlobalOrange has been delivering SaaS-development expertise from the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam. The company has been elected several times as one of the best software development companies in the Netherlands. With a feeling for business and with top expertise in technology, GlobalOrange develops applications for Ticketscript, Aegon, KLM, Tikkie, VUmc, and many others. 

Both brands will continue to operate as separate labels under a new umbrella company that will be launched before the end of 2020. All labels will focus on the development of leading SaaS products and machine learning. The daily management will be done by Yvo Gortemaker and Leopold van Oosten. In the next three years, the new merger will aim to double in size by growing organically and by launching new boutique labels. Possible further growth will be established through the acquisition of other SaaS focussed companies.

Merge GlobalOrange & Amsterdam Standard

"With Amsterdam Standard, we have strengthened our position as a leader in SaaS development,” says Yvo Gortemaker. "Their access to high-end development skills across their professional offices in Poland and their advanced user experience division will help us achieve the ambitions of our SaaS clients even better."

"GlobalOrange is the right partner to grow our footprint in the Netherlands,” explains Leopold van Oosten. "We needed a bigger and stronger team in Amsterdam to facilitate the needs of our fast-growing clients, who needed more than just our nearshore development capabilities. Their knowledge, experience, and the team is just top-notch and we will highly benefit from their already optimized operations. Together with Global Orange, we will have the most competitive offering for growing SaaS clients in the Dutch market." 

Most competitive offer for SaaS clients

Would you like to know more about the merge of GlobalOrange and Amsterdam Standard? Please contact Yvo Gortemaker (yvo@globalorange.nl) or Leopold van Oosten (leopold@amsterdamstandard.com).
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