Skilled developers are scarce. Hard to find, and often hard to afford. Because of this, nearshoring a software development team is usually the right choice for many growing tech companies; when they want to build or extend their development force. Nearshoring offers remarkable benefits compared to offshoring solutions and even extra advantages compared to the hiring of an in-house development team. That’s why Eastern European countries such as Poland are quite exciting nearshoring destinations for the Netherlands.

The benefits of nearshoring development team in short:

  • Nearshoring saves time and energy

  • Nearshoring is cost-efficient

  • Nearshore development teams improve the quality of your product

  • Nearshoring makes it easier to adjust to the changing environments

  • Working in the same time zone with nearshoring

  • Easy communication and understanding 

Biggest Benefits of Nearshoring a software development team

Nearshoring saves time and energy

A dedicated nearshoring development team can start coding within days, sometimes even hours. You are not wasting time and money on recruiting candidates. The best developers are chosen for you by the company providing nearshore services from their in-house specialists.

Nearshore teams are an excellent option to help you scale on-demand in case of technical staff shortages. Instead of waiting for the right developer to pop out of nowhere on a local market, there is a nearshoring software development option to consider before wasting too much time, money, and nerves on the recruiting process. 

Nearshoring is cost-efficient

In most cases, it is far more feasible to work with a dedicated nearshore team rather than gathering a development team of your own. Firstly, the costs as we mentioned above — the expenses connected to the recruitment process (job post advertisement and hours of work spent on the interviews). Second, the companies providing nearshore teams are based in the countries with lower hourly wages, which results in a reduction of the software development costs for your company or project. Third, nearshore developers have a high level of education and rich experience. The high quality of computer science graduates in Poland has a very beneficial influence on general code quality. Polish developers know their craft well, and they are ambitious to improve. It results in high-quality, ready to scale, and future-proof digital products. It will save you costs on maintenance and further development. 

Nearshore development teams improve the quality of your product

There are at least two reasons for the product’s quality improvement. The first one is that you are hiring a high-quality development team, which is hard to find locally, especially when it comes to a price-quality relation. Our Whitepaper “A tight labour market in Dutch ICT” provides you with a comprehensive analysis of this topic. The second reason is that, together with software developers, you can select other specialists (project managers, owners, quality assurance engineers, etc.) that will help your company improve the workflow of the project and provide continuous delivery. As a result, nearshoring will significantly enhance the speed and quality of the end web product.

Nearshoring makes it easier to adjust to the changing environments

The hiring of nearshore development teams makes it easy to scale your team up or down during the duration of the project. Our dedicated teams are working with Agile principles. This approach gives you more flexibility in project management and control. It improves both product quality and project timeframes, increases transparency and communication, and reduces overall risks.

Working in the same time zone

One of the most tangible benefits of the nearshore business model for software development, as opposed to offshore, is the time zone. Working in the same time zones leads to a workforce that is more stable and productive and, as a result of it - an expansion of work volume. Also, traveling between locations is far more simple and common under the nearshore model. There are several flights a day available from the Netherlands to Poland, with the duration of the trip around 2 hours. 

Easy communication and understanding 

Communication is the key to the successful delivery of IT projects. Team interaction is made much more comfortable as they are happening in real-time. Good knowledge of a common language means you can be fully involved in a project and have a clear understanding of all the processes going on. Fluent English is a standard among Polish graduates and employees.

Different work ethics in an offshore model makes project-oriented collaboration difficult. Work expectations, deadlines can be interpreted differently. Also, diversity in hierarchy systems can influence the speed of decision making and, therefore, on the execution of the whole project. While cultural differences also exist inside Europe, the common understanding of professionalism and efficient work requirements is pretty much alike. 

Nearshoring is a beneficial solution for hiring a software development team

There is no more need to spend your time and company finances for finding suitable software developers. With highly experienced specialists available for you in short notice, you can scale up your development team in short terms and deliver a quality digital product according to requirements in time. Time and geographic proximity of nearshore specialists enable operational cohesion, effectiveness, team camaraderie, and accelerated development process. Let Amsterdam Standard take care of IT services to make it possible for you to grow again. 


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