We are building a team for ChannelEngine. Their fast-growing SaaS platform helps stores, brands and distributors find millions of new customers by connecting them to the biggest marketplaces.

A leading platform connecting global e-commerce

ChannelEngine enables global distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner-ecosystem to maximize sales and profit while reducing the complexity of international sales and minimizing the effort and needed workforcefor direct to consumer e-commerce.

ChannelEngine bridges any gap between current ERP/PIM/WMS/e-commerce platforms and external sales channels. Sales channels range from International Marketplaces to B2C sites, shopping apps and in store portals to dropshipment partnerships.

Marketplaces are taking over the e-commerce customer journey

The retail market is shifting to e-commerce, which in result grows to 4.9 trillion USD in 2021 (which is an estimated figure before Covid 19). E-commerce drives 15% of global retail and grows. The shift is now going faster than ever before. The e-commerce market is rapidly shifting to marketplaces, 58% of ecommerce sales is already taking place on marketplaces. growing to >75%. For brands & retailers, selling on these marketplaces is a huge opportunity as well as a complex challenge.

ChannelEngine solves these challenges and opens up new sales channels on a global scale while companies can leverage their existing IT infrastructure. ERP, WMS, PIM, Ecom.

ChannelEngine is expanding international marketplaces

How ChannelEngine is growing



More channels attract more sellers, more sellers attract more channels that are connecting. More channels allow current sellers to expand their sales.



More channels and sellers attract more technology partners (like Oracle Netsuite, Navision, Intershop, Shopify) which in turn will give access to more sellers that are running on those platforms.



More Channels and sellers attract more agency partners that help our sellers grow their GMV, they are also sending new clients to our platform

Global rolout

Phase 1 (in progress)


Current Phase

A single platform connecting companies to external sales channels in Europe, US, Canada and Mexico

Some words from a team member

Amsterdam Standard

“We are working with technologies such as .NetCore 3.1, SQL with usage of Entity Framework and Dapper and ElasticSearch. Most of the front-end logic is already in TypeScript with residues of JavaScript being migrated at the moment. For frontend framework we use AngularJS with plan to switch to React later this year.

We write unit tests for features we develop. Our test coverage is around 33% for classes, 23% method coverage and 25 for statements. We work in SCRUM with 2 week sprints and 1 week for release, innovation and bugfixes.

Because we handle big sets of data where some customers sell hundreds of thousands of products we have to make sure that our code is as performant as it can be. We use monitoring tools to spot issues as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary problems.

Thanks to the roadmap we create for the project we know that future development of the product is based on smart decisions and insightful analysis of current trends. Our support team helps with customer contact and makes sure that only relevant information gets passed to developers.”.



24.10.2020, KRAKÓW

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