Zanders is recognized as a leading consultancy firm in treasury, risk, and finance. With a team of over 200 qualified professionals, they offer global services to corporations, financial institutions, organizations in the public sector, and NGOs. Their profound specialization forces them to stay at the forefront of all developments in their areas of expertise and to remain innovative.






It started with an idea in an Excel Sheet

At the end of 2017, a few team members of Zanders came up with the idea of creating a product to offer online. In the Excel sheet, they have made an overview of the product (MVP) and began searching for a software development company to take this idea to life.  Finally, Amsterdam Standard was chosen as their technology partner. The product to become part of a future platform called “Zanders Inside,” offering online solutions for specific needs not catered for by large system vendors.  


First steps and the demo version launch

The partnership started with hiring just one developer. The designers of Amsterdam Standard created UX & UI design, and the developer was working on building the web platform and the first module “Transfer Pricing Solution.” In less than 6 months, the first version was ready, and Zanders onboarded its first launching customer. 

Zanders started to scale up gradually, and collaboration was evolving. Our developers then created the second module, “IBR lease solution.” In 2019 Zanders’ website successfully passed the ISAE 3204 audit. 

Treasury and Risk Management Technology
admin dashboard

Shifting the gears

In the initial stage, all assets related to the website were hosted on a single virtual server on Azure, which Amsterdam Standard maintained. However, the client started building Solutions themselves, involving financially complicated calculations requiring deep field knowledge. Because the idea of the platform is that users get access to all modules with one log-in (kind of an “app-store” for treasure services), the next step for our team was to integrate all the modules on one platform.

Currently, our team is working on authentication and functionally complex backend parts along with clients’ data to the Zanders' own APIs. Therefore, the role of our developers shifted from building a product and maintaining its front-end to develop a platform. The final stage will be the migration of the website to Linux-based Docker containers hosted on the client’s cloud. To do so, our specialists will align the technology in the next few months. After this task is performed, all the assets will be in Zanders’ infrastructure.

Transfer Pricing Report

The result

The process gave satisfying results.  Zanders Inside is the brand new web-based platform designed to provide treasurers easy access to Zanders’ best practice knowledge acquired over 23 years. Zanders’ knowledge of financial calculations and our technical experience allowed Amsterdam Standard to create a successful cloud-based platform that offers innovative products in the areas of treasury, risk, and finance. The product became financially successful, with more than 25 clients on board.  

Testimonial from Zanders

I’m definitely very positive about our cooperation. Amsterdam Standard shows a hands-on approach and the ability to pick up various tasks and execute them in high-grade quality. Their specialists have been able to build a working digital product from the ground up, using just an Excel sheet as an initial reference. Clients show interest in our product, in no small part thanks to the design& technology, used to showcase our content. Amsterdam Standard is the company we feel easy to work with, even though we only collaborate remotely.

Jeroen van Heide from Zanders

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