Together we build and measure successful candidate journeys; that is the mission of OnRecruit​. OnRecruit is an HR Tech company that collects, analyzes and takes action on the whole candidate journey from online orientation up to hire. OnRecruit has two main modules to help recruitment teams that want to become better at digital recruitment: “Recruitment Marketing Analytics” & “On The Move”.




Challenges prior to collaboration

Before the cooperation with Amsterdam Standard OnRecruit used a self-built platform. However, the market evolved and the need for a more complex, robust, scalable and flexible platform arose. The platform was built with taking some shortcuts when developing new features, which made it hard and inefficient to maintain and build new features for. The platform was built by working with Dutch freelance developers, which didn’t fit the direction OnRecruit wanted to take. 

The lack of flexibility and freedom together with the uncertainty of how long the development would take, made OnRecruit take the decision to work with Amsterdam Standard as the technology partner. 


New platform - fresh design

In 2016 OnRecruit started working with Amsterdam Standard. The strategy was to rebuild the whole platform from the ground up, to make sure the platform was robust, scalable and flexible. Our team made mock-ups and designs for the new templates, while a team of 2 developers, a Scrum Master, and an architect were dedicated to OnRecruit to get the project started.


Nearshore specialists = In-house employees

In the past years, the dedicated team has grown to 6 specialists. Project management is now fully done on the client-side by OnRecruit in Utrecht. All the developers of OnRecruit are provided by Amsterdam Standard. The specialists from Amsterdam Standard totally inhere the OnRecruit team. OnRecruit sees the team as their own. Due to the open and transparent work atmosphere and agile process, new specialists, joining the team, can be contributing to the success of OnRecruit by deploying new features within a week's time.



As a result of this collaboration, the new flexible, robust and scalable platform was built. This doesn’t mean that the work is finished. The OnRecruit platform is constantly evolving and requires continuous updates and features for their clients. The specialists of Amsterdam Standard are totally focused on bringing OnRecruit further.


“We will rather expand our team with Amsterdam Standard in Poland than search for new hires in the Netherlands. The OnRecruit team is a truly perfect match with our company culture, value, vision, and mission. Amsterdam Standard creates a culture of fun, ambition, and quality, by organizing fun social events and helping the specialist to share their knowledge and experience with each other for continuous self-development. It’s so great to see that our team in Krakow is happy to be the part of Amsterdam Standard and feels energized and motivated to work for OnRecruit or Amsterdam Standard’s other clients. Our developers are really proud of the work they are doing, and so are we.”

Dirk from OnRecruit about us

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