Gophoto enables visitors of touristic attractions to keep their precious memories in a photo format. With technology for photographing, sharing, and selling - in both digital and printed form - the company takes on responsibility for the entire process of photography, distribution, and sales. GoPhoto helps companies to increase interaction with their visitors and to grow sales.






Challenges for traditional photo marketing

GoPhoto started as a traditional marketing photo agency providing polaroid pictures to visitors on events. The issue the company has faced is the lack of clients’ information. The first solution was to offer photos in digital albums, that way advertiser gets more data from the photographers. But that process was still very time-consuming for the photographer: taking photos, transferring to a computer, editing, making a selection and posting on a digital platform. GoPhoto asked Amsterdam Standard for a solution to automate all these tasks.


A new business model

Amsterdam Standard has developed a new model together with GoPhoto: the attraction photography technology that increases the interaction with visitors and creates new revenue streams. The idea of the project is that by giving away free photos sales of premium photos will increase exponentially, a lot of data from visitors is obtained, a lot of free exposure on social media will be generated and advertising revenue grows. This new model is supported by a number of applications that together form the powerful GoPhoto-suite and provide a full solution for photography at high-traffic attractions.

GoPhoto camera app

With the GoPhoto app, (untrained) employees can take photos, link QR photo cards and automatically upload photos to the Cloud. The app can be used on Android and iOS devices or can be connected to traditional DSLR cameras.


Photo website

Photos from the GoPhoto app are automatically transferred to the Cloud. There the photos are scaled and edited. Immediately afterward, the photos can be viewed by customers on a (mobile) website, printed on location or purchased online. The photo website is adaptive to the look and feel of certain attractions and collects data from visitors in accordance with the latest privacy guidelines.

Print kiosk

With the GoPhoto software, visitors can directly view, purchase and print their photos in various sizes. Photos are printed by fast printers within 5 seconds. Printers are protected against unauthorized use because they are directly connected to the self-developed POS system.

E-commerce platform

Visitors also have the option to purchase and download their high-resolution digital photos online. The e-commerce system is fully automated and can be set up within a few minutes.

Complete dashboard

The dashboard functions are the heart of the product suite. It allows tracking user and sales statistics in real time, set up automated mailing campaigns, adjust the look and feel of the photo website and manage general settings.


GoPhoto and Amsterdam Standard have together created a profitable business model for high-traffic attractions. GoPhoto won the Innovation Award at The Park World Excellence Awards. Attractions that previously stopped selling photos because the turnover decreased over time have since been convinced by GoPhoto of the new opportunities and revenue streams. Daniel Duivestein, CEO of GoPhoto: "If you are looking for a smart tech partner for the long term then Amsterdam Standard is definitely the party to consider. We have been working together for 4 years and Amsterdam Standard has been the key-to-success for our business ".

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