Esdec is a manufacturer and supplier of professional mounting systems for solar panels on all types of roofs. Mounting systems from Esdec are sold under names such as ClickFit and FlatFix and are inspired by installers who regularly had to install different types of solar panels. Esdec provides its customers with handy tools and expert advice.






Challenges prior to collaboration

Before Esdec cooperated with Amsterdam Standard, it used a home-made calculation system. Esdec needed an update of its system because it was difficult to use, slow to perform, not user-friendly and, moreover, was based on outdated technology. Esdec was planning to launch two new products in Europe and in America and therefore needed a modern system that meets the demands of the new markets.


From the first contact to placing the order

New calculation tools as part of the customer journey. We have tackled the entire product - from the moment of the first contact to placing the order. We looked at the needs of different users and designed different flows.


What solutions were offered

From April 2018, a team of two UX designers, two front-end, five back-end developers (including a team leader), a QA and a project manager worked on this project in close collaboration with the Esdec product and marketing team. The system is mainly built in JavaScript (React). The project management on the product side is led by Esdec and the development and infrastructure side are managed by Amsterdam Standard. This project required an in-depth understanding of product characteristics and regulations regarding the US market, as the calculations must conform to US standardization (ASCE 7-16).

The results

The calculation tool for the mounting systems for solar panels is already actively used. It has a user-friendly interface and allows users to make the right calculations for both sloping and flat roofs. It is fully integrated with Bing's satellite maps. The calculation tool ensures that users can easily order the right materials for their installations and has already become the starting point for almost every order at the fast-growing Esdec. The system is now also ready for scaling up in more countries.

Esdec about Amsterdam Standard

Michael Dieterman from Esdec about Amsterdam Standard: "It is a pleasure for us to work with Amsterdam Standard. The team consists of experienced professionals with whom communication is easy. They take into account our opinion, business goals, and product roadmap and together we look for the best solutions. They get the job done time after time. Amsterdam Standard is all you need to build a quality software system at competitive prices. "

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