De Nationale AI- cursus (The National AI-course) is a free artificial intelligence course for all Dutch people. This course got life due to a successful collaboration of the foundation AI for GOOD, the knowledge center ICAI and the company Elephant Road. The goal of De Nationale AI- cursus organization is to prepare all citizens for the future where we live with AI.





An improved user experience

De Nationale AI- cursus is a brand new course created based on the Elephant Road software. Elephant Road felt an urgent need for a design and user experience update. The existing courses platform had a difficult user experience, not clear navigation and outdated design. It was considered important to employ a modern, outstanding design for this new course and their renewed website.

The result

The project started in May 2018 with the research and optimization of user flows. The next step was the framework design. Our designers created a modern and intuitive interface for this course.

Offered solutions

In total in this project was involved the team of two UX/UI designers, a back-end developer, two front-end developers, an iOS developer, an Android developer, and a project manager. The existing backend has been improved and new functions have been developed. The front end is built with AngularJS. This course is made as a single-page application, allowing participants to switch to the next topic by scrolling without unnecessarily clicking. Amsterdam Standard has built hybrid mobile apps for the National AI course in the Ionic Framework for both iOS and Android.

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