Dutch companies of almost all branches and sizes have open positions in various ICT fields. They are facing difficulties in filling them, even in the situation of the general unemployment growth we have encountered this year. The lack of tech specialists is connected with the strong economy in the Netherlands and the valuable part of the ICT sector and it. The growth of this sector and the economy as a whole will cause the appearance of new companies on the market, the growth of the existing ones, and sharpen the existing ICT force scarce.

With the switch to remote work, caused by the pandemic, and accelerated digital transformation, companies and individuals demand new digital products and technologies, and as a result, more ICT specialists. The prediction is that the shortage of developers and other tech specialists won’t change in the near future. As a company that is searching for developers, you need to look for an alternative way of hiring tech specialists - nearshoring. 

A tight labour market in Dutch ICT