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Not compromising on quality

ChannelEngine always puts quality first. They choose the best specialists to provide high-quality service to their partners and customers and constantly improve and expand their products to benefit users further. ChannelEngine’s approach to development in 3 weeks sprints fosters the team’s thrive on innovation and creation. The first two weeks of each Sprint are dedicated to the main work and closing the sprint tickets, and one more week is meant for eliminating bugs and cultivating innovations.

This last week is an opportunity for the teams to walk through the current state, clean the code, explore the use of modern technologies, and define the thrust of the following functionalities. Thanks to the roadmap created for the project, all team members are assured that future development is based on smart decisions and insightful analysis of current trends. The support team helps with customer contact and makes sure that only relevant information gets passed to developers.



Further plans and global extension

ChannelEngine is the most feature-packed and complete marketplace management tool. Its features help users sell their products on more channels and connect with more customers across borders. ChannelEngine provides synchronized stock and price changes between marketplaces, automatically provides international invoices, applies advanced pricing rules, offers filters to control product’s offer, monitors all the shipments, provides translation services and digital product bundles and enables automated returns. The system also provides full statistical data about sales, countries, best-sold products, best times of sales, and many more.

They focus on making the quickly globalising e-commerce world available to every brand, distributor and retailer. Currently, they are adding sales channels in south-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Russia, and more. To make this extension as user-friendly as the solution for their current customers, the development team needs to make some adjustments. The software engineers will fix details such as different time zone handling, better tax calculations with support to location specific VAT rules, and round-the-clock customer support.